Connecting Emerging Markets

The Latin American Chamber of Commerce and Trade is an institution dedicated to the promotion of commercial, cultural and social relations between Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Latin America (LatAm).

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Your portal into the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Latin America (LatAm):

  • Introductions to potential business partners.
  • Tailor-made growth strategies; assess and minimise risk whilst striving for high growth and market penetration.
  • Our people representing and promoting your business interests in LatAm and the CEE.

Our knowledge to support your business activities:

  • Regular economic reports and market analysis
  • Help with licenses, migration regulations, travel information etc
  • Translation services, as well as contacts with trusted professional services (lawyers, accountants etc)


  • Utilise our local contacts: national embassies, delegates, press and media, diplomats
  • Opportunities to attend business conferences that will benefit your company
  • Help organising and promoting your own events

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Contacts & Members of Executive Board of Directors

Dr. Denis Dlesk - Co-Founder                             Gustavo A. Guilllen - Co-Founder                              


Pavel Berg - Board Member                               Karel Schmidtmayer - Board Member